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The Power of Plants to Pulverize Coronavirus
November 12, 2020
What if that plant on your desk could hold the key to stopping your stuffy nose? From morphine to chemotherapy drugs, plants have played a vital role in developing pharmaceuticals to treat all kinds of ailments. We talk to undercover superhero, Jerome Baudry of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, about his computational search through hundreds of thousands of chemical compounds from plants around the world, on the hunt for a therapeutic that can seek out and stop the one hindrance on all of our minds -- the coronavirus.
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The Clever Coatings of Coronavirus
October 20, 2020
It’s been months since the infamous coronavirus has crept across the globe, closing schools and workplaces and changing the way we live our lives. But why is COVID-19 seemingly so good at infecting people? What makes this virus different than others? We talk to undercover superhero, Rommie Amaro of the University of California San Diego, about her discoveries through computational simulation of what the virus actually looks like, how it moves, and what that means for each of us.
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How COVID-19 Spreads Indoors
September 28, 2020
Ever wondered how COVID-19 can spread through the air indoors? We talk to undercover superhero, Jiarong Hong of the University of Minnesota, about his discoveries from simulating the movement of aerosol particles in different indoor spaces and how it can affect our everyday lives. We also dive into his revealing research about what musical instruments may be spreading the virus more than others, including whether or not tuba concerts are worth the risk during this pandemic.
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FedRAMP, GPUs and the Future of Federal Agency Computing
November 20, 2019
Kevin Kelly hosts Christopher Chang, Computational Scientist and Acting HPC User Program Lead at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. They discuss the incredible capability of scalable high performance computing (HPC), now available securely through FedRAMP.
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HPC and Genomics Revolutionize Medicine
May 16, 2019
Gabriel Broner hosts Mark Borodkin, COO of Bionano Genomics, to discuss how genomics and HPC enable doctors and researchers to diagnose complex diseases and prescribe unique personalized treatments based on individual variations of the DNA.
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HPC and Diversity: Life lessons from Irene Qualters
May 30, 2019
Gabriel Broner hosts Irene Qualters to discuss her career and the evolution of HPC. Irene, an HPC pioneer, went from being a young female engineer working with Seymour Cray to become president of Cray. She then reinvented herself to work in the pharma space and then at the National Science Foundation. She was awarded the 2018 HPCwire Readers’ Award for Outstanding Leadership in HPC.
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Quantum Computing
April 25, 2019
Gabriel Broner hosts Steve Reinhardt to discuss Quantum Computing. Listen to the conversation covering what are quantum computers, what problems can be solved orders of magnitude faster than with traditional computers, where are we today, and what the future holds.
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Innovation in Antenna Design
April 11, 2019
Gabriel Broner hosts Mike Hollenbeck, founder and CTO at Optisys. Optisys is a startup that is changing the antenna industry. Using HPC in the cloud and 3D printing they are able to design customized antennas which are much smaller, lighter and higher performing than traditional antennas.
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Accelerating HPC Workflows with AI
March 27, 2019
In this Big Compute Podcast episode, Gabriel Broner hosts Dave Turek, Vice President of HPC and Cognitive Systems at IBM, to discuss how AI enables the acceleration of HPC workflows. HPC has traditionally relied on simulation to represent the real world. Over the last several years AI has had significant growth due to innovation, growth in compute capacity, and new architectures that have enabled it.
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