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The Computational Science of Drug Development
November 15, 2022
At the beginning of 2020, while a pandemic of epic proportions shut down most of the world, the life sciences industry was kicked into high gear, pushing to do what had never been done before – create a vaccine in less than four years. Thankfully, modern day computational science lended a hand, making the previously impossible, possible. In this episode, we speak to someone on the front lines of vaccine and drug development – Steve Mehrman of Johnson & Johnson, who harnesses computational power on a daily basis to elevate one of the most important aspects of our lives – human health.
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A Cloud Startup Story (Part 2)
April 12, 2022
More than a decade ago, a young Joris Poort stepped into a small Silicon Valley apartment for the first time, ready to make an impact on the world. What would follow was months of rejection from investors to his big idea of how to accelerate innovation in an up-and-coming new normal of cloud high performance computing. In this second part of a 2-part series about how Rescale began, we hear how Joris persevered through challenges, was accepted into Y Combinator, and how he landed his first check, ultimately launching the business – and vision – he had for the world.
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A Cloud Startup Story (Part 1)
March 29, 2022
Amazon started as a bookseller. BloomNation was founded with money won in a Poker tournament. The creator of Paul Mitchell hair products was homeless before starting the company with a friend for $700. Each product or service we use on a daily basis has a unique startup story behind it. In this episode, we hear from Joris Poort, founder and CEO of cloud high performance computing company, Rescale, about what led him to quit his job at Boeing to start a tech company. From his birth in the Netherlands to finding himself surrounded by consultants at Harvard Business School – Joris’s story is proof that it takes a special kind of person with a special kind of vision to create a business that pushes innovation to the next level.
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How to Tell Your Family About HPC
December 21, 2021
For those working with high performance computing in any capacity, sometimes talking about it with your family can be a little… confusing. And with the holiday season upon us, many of us will undoubtedly be asked by well-meaning family members, “What’s going on with work?” So today, we figured – Rather than bore the non-technical with technical jargon, why not just talk about some of the awesome ways high performance computing is changing the world? In this episode, we revisit the 2020 Big Compute conference talk by Barry Bolding of AWS about just that – how HPC makes our lives better. So when you’re sipping eggnog with the family and the question of work comes up, you can brighten their eyes instead of put them to sleep.
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Protecting Football Players' Brains
November 30, 2021
It hasn’t even been two decades since the discovery was made -- Small repetitive hits to the head over time accumulated in football games and practices can build up into something significant and scary: chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. But with no sign that American football is going away anytime soon, the question remains of what can be done to better protect players against life-altering injuries like this? In today’s episode, Jolie and Ernest speak to Tate Fonville of Liberty University about a new approach to designing a football helmet that is more likely to protect against damage to the brain -- by using computational simulation.
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At the Heart of Simulation (Part 2)
November 16, 2021
In the last episode, we were introduced to Tom -- a man who was flung into a medical twilight zone of heart issues and the procedures to fix them. In this continuation of the story, meet Steve Kreuzer -- an engineer from Exponent who specializes in assisting in the development of the very kind of technology that saved Tom’s life. Steve walks us through just what kind of technology it takes to create these life-saving devices, and how much more complex it is when you’re trying to predict how these devices will interact with human tissue.
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At the Heart of Simulation (Part 1)
November 2, 2021
Tom was a healthy, athletic man in his 50s when he was suddenly struck with an unexpected heart issue -- One that hundreds of thousands of people experience each year. And that one incident spiraled into a series of events that would dramatically alter the course of Tom’s life -- but at least he still had a life to live. Had it been only a couple decades earlier, Tom's story may not have continued at all. But thanks to a new medical device born out of computational engineering, thousands of people like Tom are still walking around us every day, and that number is only going to increase over time.
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Flying Cars: From Cloud to Cloud
October 19, 2021
For decades, mankind has been enamored with the idea of flying cars -- we’ve seen them in movies, read about them in books, and longed to see them in the skies. The Back to the Future movies even showed highways in the skies in the year 2015, giving society three decades to make that a reality. Welp, 2015 came and went, and cars were all still very much on the ground. BUT we can finally say that change is right around the corner. In this episode, Ernest and Jolie speak to Madhu Bhabuta, CIO of Vertical Aerospace -- an innovative company working to put flying cars (or eVTOLs, as they’re called) into the sky by 2024 -- potentially changing the way we travel forever.
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AI: Hollywood vs Reality (Part 2)
October 5, 2021
Is the singularity really around the corner? And when it hits, will we be surrounded by task-fulfilling artificial intelligence beings like in the 2004 movie, iRobot, or will we be shipped across space in hibernation pods reminiscent of 2016’s Passengers? Or… something else? In this second half of our discussion around artificial intelligence, Jolie and Ernest explore common themes in AI movies from the 1990s to today, and compare them to predictions and ideas from OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman. One thing is sure -- AI is going to change the world. The question is, how are we going to prepare for it?
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