Freedom to Think [BIG]

Big Compute 20 is a gathering of Researchers and Innovators, united by a passion of what can be achieved with today’s limitless power to compute.

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What could you create in a world with infinite compute?

Come see what leading innovators are achieving with today's computing power and applications. At Big Compute 20 you’ll be inspired by thought-provoking discussions, learn practical applications, get hands-on with the latest technology and share with others pushing science and engineering with the freedom to think big.

Join Hundreds of Attendees Representing:

Early stage disruptors

Pioneers taking advantage of alternative compute solutions to depart from the ordinary and transform their industries with new and exciting developments.

Established innovators

More established companies leveraging the flexibility and agility of Big Compute's elastic nature. These companies understand the need to break new ground and are integrating the latest engines to encourage big thinking.